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September 15, 2014: HouseNoodle has recently been updated and will now allow the user to do the following: 1). Log in and save home ideas in their “bowls” 2). Name bowls and search for home ideas 3). Make and save notes to your page and email friends your home ideas 4). Now search 4 websites: 1). […]

Free Original Emojis


Here are the Emojis that we have designed for use with the 2nd app. Please feel free to use these emoji graphics how you would like for your website, app, fun, whatever you want.  These are all my original Emojis and I am releasing these to the public for free consumption.  This is where it […]

Digital Illustrations for an App

1.happy-hot pink

August 27, 2014: How I get Graphics for my apps The actual design of an app is something that I really enjoy doing.  I am not good at it, but I enjoy it.  I always let my wife take control over the app design decisions.  She has a much better eye for cool, simple and up […]

Making Money as an Independent App Developer


August 21, 2014: Discouraged yet…. Here are a couple of pretty discouraging articles about being an Independent app developer that I read today.  The First article is put out by and is titled “Apps: Growing Pains”.  The second article is called “You Guys are Millionaires Right?” Here are a couple of quotes that I […]

Will a Celebrity Endorse my App?


August 20, 2014 Tom Hanks has a new app called the HanxWriter.  You can find it on the app store Here.  It is a basic utility app that turns your ipad into an old school typewriter, so you can be taken back to the days of loud clicking sounds and nostalgia. It already has over […]

Can I still make money creating an App?

push notification

August 18, 2014: Too Late to the App Game? I read the Drudge Report.  I don’t like to talk about Politics at all.  But, for your information I would consider myself an – economically conservative – Independent moderate.  I’ve voted for a lot of different people and parties and recently was the committee chairman of an […]

Iphone, Android or Both?

photo 2

First – Consider the Budget As I have talked about before,building an app from scratch is expensive.  It’s not as expensive as building a spec house but it always seems to go over any budgets that my mind creates.  Take for example my current app INVITED.  I am Already over the completion budget and I would […]

Can Invited be as successful as YO?

photo 1

Wall Street Journal Article on Yo App Today’s Wall Street Journal article on the YO App is awesome, a little discouraging, and not really surprising. “Few apps in History have been as controversial and Polarizing as Yo.” Yo is an app that basically has one function, sending an audible “Yo” to a friend.  According to […]

Recent Challenges in Building our App


The Challenges of Creating an App I had almost forgotten how challenging creating an App is.  It is not like building a website.  It is like building a house on top of a steep mountain.  There are curves, engineering issues, rough terrain and a lot of “this isn’t going to works” until the final product […]

Mirror Your Iphone onto Mac Screen

photo 2 (10)

How to show IPhone screen on Mac I needed to be able to do this.  My app developer would send me beta testing and I would try to explain to him over Skype the issues that I was having.  I kept telling him “I wish I could show you my Iphone screen when it crashes […]

Will my app or website go Viral?


No. None of my stuff (websites, apps) goes viral.  When I first started out making websites (over 10 years ago), I had hopes and dreams that some of my stuff would go viral, I would be rich and I could retire young.  After this many years of making websites (about 50 websites and 2 apps) […]

Restoring Chippendale Chairs

photo 5

Garage Sale Chairs I guess that we are a “duo” now, I’ll have to contribute more regularly. To be honest, I think blogging is really fun. I just don’t enjoy the technical part of things. This duo thing I think will work out great. I’m already doing all these projects and decorating because that is […]

The Best Gopher Killer


Gopher Bait Poison Blocks Review We have more gophers than Chuck E Cheese.  You think you know how to get rid of them?  Yeah, so does every neighbor, friend and relative that I know. “All you have to do is smoke them out” – Neighbor Tried that: At leas this is fun.  It’s like July […]

housenoodle Update HOUSENOODLE.COM Here is a summary of the Recent update that will now allow a user to sign into the website and search and save home ideas from these 4 Websites: 1). 2). Google Images 3).  Bing Images 4). Pinterest Here is how it works 1).  Create a User Name or Use […]

Mrs. BuildSpechomes

photo (6)

Hello.  It’s Mrs. Buildspechomes here.  Doing my first guest post.  Well, I wanted to do a guest post because of the stressful week I had last week.  By far the most stressful since we have started this project.  I think I needed to vent! But before I get into that, I’m going to answer the […]

Large Kitchen Ideas


The Kitchen – The Reason we Built Plumbing for the Kitchen Pot Filler. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen or are building a new home and want to shop a selection of Pot Fillers, you can find a good selection at  You’ll want to check with your plumber before your purchase one, because […]

Kids Playroom Ideas

photo (7)

Upstairs Playroom When we planned this house, my wife wanted to include a playroom upstairs.  My initial thought was, what a waste of space.  But, the more I thought about it and watched it being built, I believe it is one of the favorite fun things in the house.  The kids are going to love […]

Laundry Room Ideas


How we set up our New Laundry Room Written by Mrs. Build Spec Homes: Okay I’ve been so busy I barely even check my email anymore.  Finally I am carving out the time to do a laundry room post.  Disclaimer:  We are currently saving for spec house number 2, so my decoration budget is non-existent.  […]

First Spec Home – Failure


……First House Failure April 28, 2014: Ok.  Time to come clean.  I’ve been putting this post off for as long as I can.  So here’s the story.  Our open House was on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  The response was great, the crowds were large and momentum was on our side.  One couple remarked on the sale […]

New House Light Fixture Ideas

photo 3

Lights make the Difference Rewind back to the beginning of our home build project.  My wife from day one was looking for deals on light fixtures and accumulating them in our garage.  I asked her why.  She told, “Light Fixtures Make all the Difference” I thought she was wrong.  I thought the architecture, construction, contractors, […]

Bathroom Design Ideas

photo (10)

Bathroom Design #1). Downstairs Bathroom (Hexagon Tile Floor) These six inch hexagon tiles are difficult to find.  You can find the mesh connected smaller hexagons at any department store.  These bigger ones might require more looking to find: We have great floor installers.  We have actually had very good subs throughout this process.  They work […]

Start to Finish Construction Photos


‘The Heather Plan’ Course of Construction Photos from Beginning to Finish…… Month 1 Week 1: Bare Land Before the Dig: We purchased a .77 acre lot that backed up to an orchard.  It was the only area in our city that had a decent sized lot that didn’t absolutely break us.  It only broke us a […]

Stone on Exterior of Home

photo 5 (2)

Scroll to Bottom to see cost PICKING OUR STONE AND OUR STONE WORKER My number one rule in hiring a sub-contractor on my home is to get someone that I feel comfortable with.  Like, when I talk to them I want to feel that they are truthful, nice and good workers.  There should be no […]

Two Fridges in One Kitchen

photo 2

Framing for Two Refrigerators The year we had our third child is the year we bought our second fridge.  In our old house, the second fridge was in the garage.  Our garage was small and it became really crowded by adding this 2nd fridge to it.  It was somewhat of a pain to go downstairs, […]

Indoor Drinking Fountain

photo 1

Halsey Taylor Wall Mounted Water Cooler Another addition to our home that my wife was 100% in favor of and that I wanted nothing to do with was our Indoor Drinking Fountain:   Get this Hasley Taylor Fountain here on Why did she want it? The BIGGEST Reason is that she was sick of […]

Reviewing My Tile Choices

photo 3

Tile is Permanent – Be Careful Tile is such a PERMANENT thing once it’s in. Yes, tile can be ripped out and replaced, but it’s not an easy or CHEAP process. So, you better like what you pick! Have I liked what I picked? Do I have any tile regrets? I wouldn’t say that I […]

Knotty Alder Mantel

photo 2

Why the Knotty Alder Mantel? Our house is full of grey and white, grey and white.  When considering a mantel to go above our stone fireplace, we had three options, grey, white or brown.  It was a fairly easy decision for us to make to go with brown to bring some warmth into our grey and […]

Gladiator Garage Shelves

photo 5

Gladiator Garage Shelves Review We are still trying to get our garage in order.  We have already installed the Safe Racks Garage Storage unit to the garage ceiling and we like it: Now, we needed a garage shelf unit for the floor.  After talking to friends and searching, we came up with Gladiator Garage […]

Safe Racks Garage Storage

photo 1

Garage Safe Racks to Clean up We moved in last week and ended up with everything in our garage: Too messy.  Too many boxes. Nowhere to store them: Safe Racks Installation We searched the internets for ways to clean up a garage.  One of the most highly rated products was a “Safe Racks” Storage rack. […]

Pull out Step Stool

photo 5

Built in Step Stool in Bathroom One question we had when we were talking with our cabinet maker was “are we going to put a built in step stool in the bathroom”?  There are certainly advantages to the built in step Stool:   1).  No need to have a stool on the floor that gets […]

Garage Ideas


Our garage doors were installed: We are going to leave the color white as shown below.  It will be the same color as the trim.  The garage door is called a “Carriage Panel with Stockbridge Windows.” It’s nice to have garage doors on the house, one because it looks a lot better and two it […]

The Balcony (Covered Patio)

photo 17

The Balcony/Covered Patio was my idea.  Looking back it was basically the only idea that I had that stuck throughout the building process.  It is going to be my favorite area of the home.  I enjoy sitting, reading and watching things.  This is a beautiful spot to do it: The balcony is covered by about […]

2013 Parade of Home Bathrooms

boys bathroom with cobble stone floor

Parade of Home Bathrooms When people walk into a new home they generally spend most of their time in the Kitchen and then the bathrooms.  The bathrooms are sometimes what will make or break your home.  As a man, I am king of my castle.  My castle is my bathroom.  It is the only room […]

2013 Parade of Home Fireplaces


Parade of Home Fireplaces Since we committed ourselves to building a new house, I have heard from the beginning that we are building a ‘traditional’ fireplace with stone from floor to ceiling and a wooden mantel to add warmth to the home.  I don’t really know what that looks like, as I cannot really picture […]

2013 Parade of Home Light Fixtures


New House Light Fixture Ideas In the process of building a house, my wife spends most of her free time looking for home finishes and especially Light Fixtures.  I’ve never seen so much fuss over lights.   I never new it was a big issue.  She says that for her it is what sets a […]

Choosing a Kitchen Floor


Parade of Home Kitchens Some decisions are tougher than others.  Fortunately for me, my wife is the one that makes the new house decisions and I just get to nod my head and agree.  I rarely disagree.  She knows these things a lot better than I do.  She researches trends, pinterest, Houzz, etc.  I would […]

Entertainment Center Ideas

photo 2

How we Created Our Entertainement Wall In The Beginning……We had a flat wall: A flat wall was not attractive to us and so we bumped it out: Our Finish contractor added pretty trim work to the built in entertainment center and a conduit and outlet to hide the TV Cords: On the sides of the […]

Gold Hardware Pulls


Gold or No? I’m sure one of the most polarizing choices that my wife made for the home is the gold hardware pulls.  Before we even started picking finishes, one of our good friends said whatever you do is fine, as long as you don’t pick gold.  If you have lived through the 80’s odds […]

Built In Ironing Board

photo 3 (15)

Built in Ironing Board Reviews So, our cabinet guy budgeted for a “built in ironing board” cabinet.  I had never seen an ironing board that was built into the wall before.  I have seen a bed built into the wall on “Full House” in the uncle’s upstairs room.  I didn’t quite know what to think […]

Best BBQ Cooking Sheet

photo 2

Cookina BBQ Vegetable Sheet In preparation for my July 4th BBQ with the family, I was perusing online the “Best Way to cook vegetables on a BBQ”.  This has always been a frustrating task for me.  Either the vegetables will just stick to the bbq grill, burn, or slide through the cracks.  When I did […]

The Best Pest Control Spray

photo 1

Talstar Pro I used to be a Pest Control Technician.  It wasn’t the worst job in the world.  I actually kind of enjoyed it.  I got to be outside most of the time and it was rewarding to put in a full days work.  People loved having me around because I got rid of their […]

Framed Chalkboard Wall

photo (9)

My wife told me she was going to put a chalkboard on our wall.  I didn’t even think twice about it.  I’ve seen chalkboards on our kids walls before.  They are small and the kids like to doodle on them.  I don’t even know why she told me, usually she just hangs that kind of […]

Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucets


 Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucets Early on, my wife decided that she was going to buy wall mounted bathroom faucets for the bathroom sinks.  It didn’t even cross my mind and I certainly agreed to do it.  I asked her why she thought we needed wall mounted sink faucets.  Her Answer: 1).  Because you shave. My […]

Tile to Wood Floor Transitions

photo 3 (3)

Transition Piece from Tile to Wood Floor There are a few different ways to transition from tile to wood floors.  In our house, the oak wood floors met up with three other different kinds of flooring on the main floor: 1). Slate Tile: 2). Bathroom Hexagon Tile: 3). Carpet to Wood Floor: Tile to Wood […]

2 Story Large Kitchen House Plan

Newest elevation

The Heather House Plan HUGE KITCHEN 2 STORY HOUSE PLAN HOME SPECS: 5 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, Great Room, Playroom upstairs, etc. etc. etc. Main Floor: 2632 sq feet Top Floor: 1547 sq feet Bonus room (Above the Garage): 447 sq feet ____________________ Total Square Feet: 4626 Garage: 3 Cars – 918 Sq Feet Foundation: Crawl […]

Outside Hot Water Faucet

photo 2

Exterior Hot Water  If you are building a new house, be sure to let your plumber know early that you are going to want one of these: We use our exterior hot water faucet all of the time.  This is how we use it the most: 1).  To clean off the kids after they’ve been […]

Picking a Couch

photo 3

Walker Furniture Sectional Couch Review The Compromise:  My wife and I have a hard time picking out furniture.  I usually want cheap junk and she usually wants expensive Ritz.  It has been a problem in our marriage.  Not enough of a problem to require marriage counseling yet……So, I was really Happy when we compromised on […]

Danze Kitchen Pot Filler

photo 4

Danze D205058SS Wall Mount Filler I’m the oatmeal cooker in our house.  So, when we started our new house build, the first thing I wanted was a kitchen pot filler.  It sounds lazy.  What?  I can’t walk two feet from the kitchen sink to the stove?  Agree.  It may be lazy, but it is Awfully […]

Kozy Heat Minnetonka Fireplace


Kozy Heat Fireplace Review You may be surprised to learn that out of all of the difficult decisions we made building this house, the one that we labored on most was the Fireplace. “Our hardest house decision was the fireplace.  Not the stone and mantel, but the actual fireplace where the fire is started” We […]

Built in Garbages (kitchen)

photo 1

Why do Built in Garbages in Kitchen? 1).  Because garbage cans are unsightly with their garbage spilling out the top of them; 2).  Because You can do two garbages instead of one; 3).  Because it doesn’t smell as badly in your kitchen; 4).  Because you have kids like this: He gets into the kitchen garbage […]

Whirlpool Microwave with Trim Kit

photo 3

Too High The #1 Biggest Complaint that we received at the Open House was with the microwave.  It is TOO HIGH.  Noone can reach it.  Yep, we really screwed this one up and will change it with house #2.  We were kind of relying on the cabinet maker to cue us in on the potential […]

Transom windows in Dining Room

photo 2

Adding the Transom Windows to Framing Our house plan did not call for transom windows in the dining room.  Therefore it was a “change order” that cost a little, but not a lot extra.  The total cost of adding the transom windows, from framing changes to the actual glass installation was about $800: The entry […]

Ballard Designs Calisse Pendants

photo 5

Ballard Designs Lantern Review There is little question that spending a little more on Light Fixtures makes all of the difference.  We went pretty bold for our kitchen with the Ballard Designs Calisse Pendants: There are some reviewers that think that there might not be enough light coming out of these oversized lanterns.  I’m not […]

Cost to Build Calculator


Why did we Make a Cost to Build Calculator? No offense to any other cost to build calculators on the internet, but they are miles off.  Not even close.  The one I used estimated the cost of our house at $1.1 million+.  So, I was determined to create an online calculator that more accurately estimated […]

Granite, Quartz or Marble

photo 2

Should I get Granite or Quartz for the Kitchen? Is Quartz Catching Granite? My Wife has spent more time analyzing this question than any other in the home building process.  She has literally spent days full of hours thinking, talking to experts and builders, friends, foes and strangers.  She thinks she has come up with […]

Remove Oil Stain from Granite


How to get Oil Stains off of Granite  The First week we were in our new house, we got a large round oil stain on the kitchen granite slab close to the stove top: Dupont Oil Stain Remover  We tried everything that we could to get it off.  Baking Soda, Cleaners, even clorox.  Nothing worked. […]

The Best Stand on Mower

exmark stand on mower review

Stand On Mower Reviews I need a New Lawn Mower and I want a Stand on Mower: My old lawn mower broke and now that my yard is bigger, I need something new anyways. What I have Now I bought a cub cadet walk behind self propel lawn mower from Home Depot about 6 summers […]

Oxo Shower door squeegee

photo 4

Shower Door Squeegee Reviews I’m still getting used to using a Shower Door squeegee every morning after taking a shower.  It is like making the bed now, something that I have to do for marital harmony.  I still don’t like to do it.  I’m a morning relaxer.  Sit down in the shower, meditate a little […]

Stone Fireplace Ideas

photo 2 (22)

PICKING OUR STONE AND OUR STONE WORKER Choosing the Stone We chose to use the same kind of stone for the fireplace as we used on the exterior of the home.  It is a Cultured Stone (veneer) from Boral Stone Products.  We liked this stone because along with the grays it has a lot of […]

Pantry Barn Door


Pantry Barn Door When my wife told me that we had planned for a barn door to go in the pantry.  I wasn’t sure what she meant.  I wasn’t ambitious enough to google it or otherwise find out.  So, I just waited until it was installed.  This is the first photo of our unpainted Barn […]

Press ‘N Set Mouse Trap

photo 4

The Best Mouse Trap I have tried all kinds of mouse traps in my lifetime.  For 4 years I worked in the Pest Control Industry.  Our standard service for mice was to lay down glue boxes.  I have learned that there are a few problems with glue boxes: 1). The scent isn’t enticing enough; 2). […]

Low Irrigation Pressure – Clean Filter


Low Water Pressure – Killing Hydroseed Two weeks after our landscaping was put in, our water pressure started decreasing and decreasing……It got to a point where the pressure wouldn’t even pop the sprinklers up anymore. The lawn started to turn brown and the hydro seed quit growing: I called the Irrigation District on Monday.  They […]

Master Shower Tile Ideas

photo 1

Master Shower Brick lay wall tile and penny tile in the master shower:  White Penny Tile: The penny tiles are from Lowes and the grey is just a ceramic tile from a local specialty store: Slipping and Sliding Bench made of the grey tile and also used the brick lay method.  My one and only […]

Landscaping Ideas and Free Plan

weeping willow

  How much does it cost to Landscape a New House? Obviously the answer depends on the size of your lot and what you plan on doing with your landscaping.  Do you want to get fancy with retaining walls, ponds, decorative items?  Or are you going to stay simple?  Here is our landscaping plan and […]

Hide Your Pipes

photo 1 (37)

Tankless Water Heater Pipes  We didn’t know when we got our tankless water heater that building codes required that these pipes would be sticking up from our roof.  They looked like Candy Canes and it looked bad: To make it worse, it was in the front of the home and easily visible from the road. […]

Cost to Build Our Home

Final Bid

How much does it cost to build a house? Well.  Things have changed since the inception of our idea to build a spec home for less than $350k and sell it for over $450k.  The Bids came back today and here is the breakdown: Basic Cost: $367,750.00 Sales Tax: $29,693.25 Architecture: $3,300.00 Land: $92,400 + […]

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent

photo 3 (3)

How to find the Best ‘Real Estate Agent’ for You I would say how to find a Realtor, but I don’t want to get sued.  Apparently the word realtor is trademarked, see this link, and I have heard recently of people getting cease and desist letters for using it in their blog.  So, I went […]

Advertising in the Newspaper


Running a House for Sale Newspaper Ad Besides our Instagram campaign, which I will soon post about, our next most effective means of selling our house was by far the two ads that we ran in the local newspaper.  This fetched us more leads, people at the open house, attention, calls and interest than the […]

How to List my House on Craigslist


Should I list my home on Craigslist or just use the MLS? I’m not going to lie, real estate agents for the most part don’t like Craigslist.  I don’t blame them.  It is a hot spot for sale by owner listings, free listings and commission free listings.  I have sold one home by owner that […]

Hiring and Working with Subcontractors

photo 4 (13)

Top Ten Tips For Working with Subcontractors By far the second most stressful (Picking out finishes is #1) aspect of building a home is working with, hiring, firing and paying subcontractors.  It is something that is often out of our control, but completely necessary to the building of a nice home that meets your budget. […]

Swinging for the Fences


UPDATE:  Well, to heck with it.  I’ve been watching way to much Flip or Flop on HGTV.  Those two always get their target price and usually more after bidding wars.  There has been too much effort, time, stress and risk to sell our home for less than $650k.  Our New listing price is $699,000!  Any takers? […]

Residential Sprinklers Required


Wow – That is another shocker.  The City is requiring us to put a residential sprinkler system INSIDE our house.  That is weird.  I have never heard of that before.  I thought sprinkler systems were always on the outside. (The Finished Product – we paid the premium for the pop up residential sprinklers that won’t […]

Bank Denies Spec Loan

photo 3

Email from the Bank I got this email from the first bank where I applied for our spec loan: “After a full consideration, the underwriter mentioned that we are not interested in doing a spec loan in your subdivision.  While he was there evaluating the area, he noticed that there were few specs just sitting […]

Construction Loans

Man with Money

Construction Loans I’ve learned that there is not much information or resources available on the internet about construction loans.  What’s the secret?  Due to the economy, the structure of construction loans have also changed somewhat over the years and from institution to institution. Receiving construction loans for spec homes has become more difficult and requires: […]

Flip or Build a New House?

for sale

Should I flip a house or build and sell a new House? Most people prefer to flip houses over building ‘custom’ spec houses.  Sure, there are tract home builders that have a business plan and follow it.  But, for the average citizen looking to make extra money, flipping houses is preferred. Building spec homes, especially […]

Getting a Spec Building Loan

Dinosaur Gift

Spec Loans are an internet mystery I looked for weeks on information about spec loans and how to get them.  I spoke to three different lenders that gave me three different stories on what they are, how much they cost and whether or not I qualified for one. Here are the common answers that I […]

What is Spec Home Building?


What is a Spec Home? A spec or speculative home is a house that is built with the hopes that it will sell after or before construction is complete.  A spec home is different from a custom home in that the owner or builder or investor builds a spec home hoping to sell it. A […]

What is the Profit Markup on a Spec Home?

for sale by owner

What should I expect to get as profit on my spec home? Depends on everything.  Depends on the time, location, quality of home and current market.  Depends on luck and timing.  Depends on agent fees. To be successful, you should always shoot for a 33% profit/markup on your spec home.  This means if you build […]

Saving Cost on Specs

photo (6)

HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON SPEC HOMES WITHOUT CUTTING QUALITY? That is the 100k dollar question.  Literally.  I have seen numerous examples of both sides of this equation.  Your goal in building a home to sell or a speculative home is to balance low cost with high quality. Negotiate with the Suppliers When I say […]

Legal Considerations when building a house

Housing Debt Yen

*Note – Every state has very specific rules and laws regarding construction of a home.  So, don’t take any of this as legal advice for you.  Speak to your own contract/construction attorney if you have any legal questions. I spoke to a good friend of mine who happens to be a construction attorney.  He has […]

Course of Construction Insurance


Will I be Sued? Probably.  Actually probably not.  But, you want to make sure that you have insurance just in case. You cannot prevent all accidents.  Say that a subcontractor suffers a major injury at your house while it is being built.  Odds are, you as the owner of the home will be part of […]

Cutting Spec Home Risk

Bankrupt (1)

How can I minimize the risk of building a spec home? Spec means speculation.  You are speculating that someone is going to like the house plans you picked, like the finishes you pick, like the area that you picked and like your home.  I have known more than one person, an investor and a builder […]

Setting our Spec Home Price

dollar sign

How do I set the price of my spec home? Setting the price at which to market your spec home is probably the single most important thing you will do.  As discussed in previous posts and what we keep going back to, if you are a spec home builder/investor, not a tract or volume seller, […]

Using an Investor to Build Spec Homes


Should a Builder use an Investor to build a spec home? In the current market, banks are reluctant to lend money on a construction loan to a builder without a reputation or a sales history.  New builders may not be able to get the financing on a spec home and may have to look to […]

Bank Appraisal on Construction Loan

photo (20)

Our construction loan officer (do you call them officers?) called yesterday and said that my appraisal was done and that I could come in and pick it up.  So I did. He turned the report pages to the last page that read: Appraised value of Subject Property: $534,000 Oops, that’s about $100,000 less than I […]

Engineer Stamp


What is an Engineer Stamp on Home Plans? I wish I had known the answer to this question Before we cemented our house plans.  Actually, I guess it wouldn’t have changed much.  Either way, I’ve got to pay it. So, we submitted our house plans to the city to start building.  Five days later we […]

Should I use a Real Estate Agent?


Should I use a Real Estate Agent to sell my spec home? As discussed in a previous post, your Goal for your spec home is a 33% markup sell.  This is a lofty goal, something to shoot for.  You will remember that even at 33%, if you are dividing the profit between more than just yourself, […]

10 Cheap and Cool Home Upgrades


How can you set your Home Apart? I asked my wife the other day, what can we do a little bit differently, that won’t cost a lot of money but will set us apart from the other hundred new homes in our area?  We started exploring the internet a little bit and came up with […]

Free House Plan…..

handwritten plans

The Heather – Our Spec House Plan “The Heather” Custom Spec House Plan Here YOU CAN HAVE THE HEATHER PLAN FOR FREE: Free “Heather” House Plan – Click Here to Download We took these plans to an architect to make them professional.  It cost us close to .90 per square foot, plus we had to […]

Rambler, Basement or 2nd Story?

photo 1

My wife and I thought about this question before we bought a lot and before we went to an architect with our house plans.  I always wanted a basement.  It felt like a manly thing to do.  I could set up my big TV, have a wet bar, get a big love sac beanbag.  That […]

Best Grass Seed Patch


Scotts Turf Builder Quick Fix Mix? My new sod has taken a big hit recently by Gophers, ground squirrels and mice.  They are killing my yard.  Their dirt piles are showing up everywhere and they are leaving their trail of destruction in the back, front and side.  My yard started looking like it had dog […]

The Best Cheap Weed and Grass Killer

photo 4

Eraser Weed Killer We live in the dessert.  There are literally tumbleweeds everywhere.  Russian Thistle is everywhere.  I think that’s what it is called.  All I know is that it is everywhere.  And it is frustrating.  You can’t just pull it out of the ground.  It is stuck in the ground.  A shovel works.  But […]

The Best (and worst) gas Can

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No-Spill Gas Can – The Best Gas Can I’ve tried 5 gas cans in my short life.  I had two pretty good ones, until we moved and I lost them.  So, I got on Amazon and found the best gas can out there: Here are the Positives: 1). First of all, it came from Amazon […]

The Best Black Shoe Polish


Kiwi Express Shine Review My wife asked me why in the Heck I put a Shoe Polish Review on a Home Building/Tips website.  I told her it is my website and I’ll do what I want with it.  Especially since she has been doing more Guest Posts lately, I wanted to make sure that the […]

Decorating with an Oar


This is where my wife and I disagree Last week, we went boating with our friends.  We had a great time and I didn’t dislocate my shoulder wakeboarding.  On the way back to our car, my 3 year old son spotted an old wooden oar that he picked up and asked me if he can […]

Kent Dual Drive Tandem Bike


Why a Tandem Bike Post on a Home Building Website? 1).  I don’t know; 2).  I love my tandem bike; 3).  Most people that own a home own a bike; 4).  Today I was more intereted in bikes than houses. Should you get a tandem bike or a bike trailer? Why Buy a Tandem Bike? […]

Stand Up Desks


Stand Up Desk Reviews Blog: I saved my Health by Standing up at Work My Makeshift Stand up Work Station I USED TO BE OVERWEIGHT.  No question about it and no justifying it.  About three years ago, I was overweight.  That was not alarming to me and it didn’t even bother me that much to […]

Financing in N. Virginia

Home Loans in Virginia I got this email today from a gentlemen that was wondering how or where to get financing for his home building business.  Most emails I get are from people wondering how to get financing.  Getting financing for a home build is easier than getting financing for other start up business (ie […]

Marketing Ideas INVITED

Not a Popularity Contest Create a Community ‘Digital Communities’ Video Ideas: Keeping in touch with Families from all across the world. Sharing experiences with just family. A video of a business leader and his employees working on a project together. Book Club